错误码 错误信息
0 Peer close notify
10 Unexpected message
20 Bad record mac
50 Decode error
51 Decryption error
110 Unsupported extension
160 ID2 generic error
161 ID2 no quota
162 ID2 is not exist
163 ID2 authcode is invalid
164 ID2 has not been activated
165 The timestamp used in authcode is expired
166 ID2 challenge is invalid
167 Not support this operation
168 ID2 has been suspended
169 ID2 has been discarded
170 Permission denied, id2 has been blinded to other product key
171 Product key is invalid
172 Product key is not exist
173 ID2 server is busy
174 The device fingerprint is invalid
175 The device fingerprint is duplicated
176 ID2 server random is invalid
177 Hash type used in authcode generated is invalid
178 ID2 key type is invalid