HttpCode 错误码 错误信息 描述
401 Forbidden User not authorized to operate on the specified resource. 接口权限不足,请您联系管理员,配置访问权限。
400 InvalidIdentity.ServiceDisabled The request identity was not allowed operated. InvalidParameter参数错误,请您确认该InvalidParameter参数是否正确。
404 InvalidDomain.NotFound The domain provided does not exist in our records. 当前账户下未查到域名,请您确认该域名是否正确。
403 IllegalOperation Illegal domain operate is not permitted. 接口权限不足,请您联系管理员,配置访问权限。
400 ConfigAlreadyExists Config has already exist. 配置已添加。
500 InternalError The request processing has failed due to some unknown error. 内部错误,建议重试,如果多次重试报错请提交工单。