Salesforce on Alibaba Cloud 可接受使用与对外服务政策

  1. 范围Scope


This Acceptable Use and External Facing Services Policy ("Policy") applies to customers' use of SFDC China Products offered by Alibaba Cloud. The terms of the Artificial Intelligence Acceptable Use Policy posted as of its effective date are hereby incorporated by reference. Capitalized terms used below but not defined in this policy have the meaning set forth in the Main Services Agreement ("MSA").

  1. 更新日期Last Updated


June 6, 2024

  1. 政策变更Changes to Policy


Alibaba Cloud may change this Policy by posting an updated version of the Policy at the official website (www.aliyun.com) and such updates will be effective upon posting.

  1. 违约Violations


A customer's violation of this Policy will be considered a material breach of the MSA and/or other agreement governing the customer's use of SFDC China Products.

  1. 禁止内容Prohibited Material


Customers may not, and may not allow any third party, including its users, to use SFDC China Products to display, store, process, or transmit, or permit use of SFDC China Products to display, store, process, or transmit:

5.1. 侵犯或盗用第三方知识产权、专有权利的内容;

Material that infringes or misappropriates a third party's intellectual property or proprietary rights;

5.2. 发送、上传、传播任何反对宪法所确定的基本原则的内容;

Material that opposes the basic principles established by the Constitution;

5.3. 危害国家安全,泄露国家秘密,颠覆国家政权,破坏国家统一的内容;

Material that endangers national security, leaks state secrets, subverts state power, or undermines national unity;

5.4. 损害国家荣誉和利益的内容;

Material that impairs the national honor and interests;

5.5. 歪曲、丑化、亵渎、否定英雄烈士事迹和精神,以侮辱、诽谤或者其他方式侵害英雄烈士的姓名、肖像、名誉、荣誉的内容;

Material that distorts, defames, profanes, or denies the deeds and spirit of heroes and martyrs, or infringes the name, portrait, reputation, and honor of heroes and martyrs by insult, defamation, or other means;

5.6. 破坏国家宗教政策,宣扬邪教和封建迷信的内容;

Material that undermines national religious policies and promotes cults and feudal superstitions;

5.7. 散布谣言,扰乱经济秩序和社会秩序的内容;

Material that spreads rumors and disrupts economic and social order;

5.8. 针对个人或团体煽动仇恨或歧视相关内容,或煽动民族仇恨、民族歧视,破坏民族团结的内容;

Hate-related material, and/or material advocating discrimination against individuals or groups, or material that incites ethnic hatred and discrimination, and undermines national unity;

5.9. 煽动或散布恐怖主义、暴力极端主义或其他暴力相关的内容;

Material advocating or advancing violent causes, including terrorism or violent extremism;

5.10. 散布淫秽、色情、亵渎或其他类似令人反感的内容;

Obscene, excessively profane material or otherwise objectionable material;

5.11. 煽动或散布黑客、破解或网络钓鱼行为的内容;

Material advocating or advancing criminal hacking, cracking, or phishing;

5.12. 毒品或其用具相关的内容;

Material related to illegal drugs or paraphernalia;

5.13. 恶意内容;

Malicious material;

5.14. 非法软件;

Unlawful software;

5.15. 病毒、蠕虫、定时炸弹、特洛伊木马等恶意代码,和其他有害或恶意文件、脚本、代理或程序;或

Malicious code, such as viruses, worms, time bombs, Trojan horses, and other harmful or malicious files, scripts, agents, or programs; or

5.16. 违反、煽动违反或可能违反任何可适用的法律法规(包括刑事犯罪相关的法律等)或侵犯任何第三方权利(包括侮辱或者诽谤他人,侵害他人名誉权、公开权、隐私权或其他合法权益的等)的内容。

Material that violates, encourages, or furthers conduct that would violate any applicable laws or regulation, including any criminal laws, or any third-party rights, including insulting or defaming any other person, infringing any other person' rights to reputation, publicity, privacy, or other egitimate rights and interests.

  1. 禁止行为Prohibited Actions

6.1. 客户不得自行或允许其用户、任何第三方使用SFDC中国产品实施以下行为:

Customers may not use SFDC China Products to, nor allow its users or any third party to use a SFDC China Products to:

6.1.1. 生成或发送未经请求的商业电子邮件(“垃圾邮件”),包括但不限于如下禁止行为:

Generate or facilitate unsolicited commercial email (spam). Such prohibited activity includes, but is not limited to:

a) 发送消息或电子邮件时违反任何可适用的反垃圾邮件法律法规;

Sending communications or email in violation of any applicable anti-spam law or regulation;


Imitating or impersonating Alibaba Cloud or Salesforce, another person or his, her, or its email address, or creating false accounts for the purpose of sending spam;

c) 挖掘数据或搜索网络资产(包括任何对外服务)以查找电子邮件地址或其他用户的账户信息;

Mining data or harvesting any web property (including any External-Facing Service) to find email addresses or other user account information;

d) 通过开放的第三方服务器发送未经授权的邮件;

Sending unauthorized mail via open, third-party servers;

e) 向已请求从邮件列表中移除的用户发送电子邮件;

Sending email to users who have requested to be removed from a mailing list;

f) 向第三方出售、交换、共享或分发个人信息,如未经权利人知晓并持续同意披露的邮件地址;

Selling to, exchanging with, sharing with, or distributing to a third party personal information, including the email addresses of any person without such person's knowing and continued consent to such disclosure; or

g) 向大量无关事先关联的个人和/或实体的电子邮件地址发送未经请求的电子邮件;

Sending unsolicited emails to significant numbers of email addresses belonging to individuals and/or entities with whom you have no preexisting relationship;

6.1.2. 发送、上传、传播任何非法、诽谤、骚扰、滥用、欺诈、侵犯、淫秽、亵渎、仇恨、暴力或以其他令人反感的内容,或主动提供类似行为;

Send, upload, distribute, or offer to do the same, with respect to unlawful, defamatory, harassing, abusive, fraudulent, infringing, obscene, excessively profane, hateful, violent, or otherwise objectionable material;

6.1.3. 促进、支持任何非法、仇恨、歧视性或暴力事件(包括恐怖主义或暴力极端主义),或为其提供便利;

Promote, support, or facilitate unlawful, hateful, discriminatory, or violent causes, including terrorism or violent extremism;

6.1.4. 故意传播病毒、蠕虫、缺陷、特洛伊木马、损坏的文件、恶作剧或任何其他具有破坏性或欺骗性的内容;

Intentionally distribute viruses, worms, defects, Trojan horses, corrupted files, hoaxes, or any other items of a destructive or deceptive nature;

6.1.5. 开展或转发传销活动,如金字塔骗局等类似活动;

Conduct or forward multi-level marketing, such as pyramid schemes and the like;

6.1.6. 生成或发送信、彩信、其他文本消息、推送通知时违反任何可适用的针对反垃圾邮件、电话营销、电话营销、消费者保护的法律法规;

Generate or facilitate SMS, MMS, or other text messages or push notifications in violation of any applicable law or regulation including anti- spam, telemarketing, or telephone consumer protection laws or regulations;

6.1.7. 以任何方式违反任何阿里云可能向用户传递的可适用的行业标准、第三方政策或要求、或任何其他广泛认可的行业协会、运营商指南或其他行业标准;

Use SFDC China Products in any manner that violates any applicable industry standards, third-party policies, or requirements that Alibaba Cloud may communicate to its users, or any other generally accepted industry associations, carrier guidelines, or other industry standards;

6.1.8. 传输有害于未成年人、涉及儿童性侵害或违反可适用法律法规的内容;

Transmit material that may be harmful to minors including for any purposes related to child sexual exploitation or any applicable law or regulation;

6.1.9. 未经权利人允许非法传输他人的知识产权或其他专属信息;

Illegally transmit another's intellectual property or other proprietary information without such owner's or licensor's permission;

6.1.10. 通过使用电子邮件地址或其他方式冒充他人、实体、阿里云或Salesforce,或以其他方式误导通信来源;

Impersonate another person, entity, Alibaba Cloud or Salesforce (via the use of an email address or otherwise) or otherwise misrepresent themselves or the source of any communication;

6.1.11. 侵犯他人的权利(包括公开权或隐私权等);

Violate the rights (such as rights of privacy or publicity) of others;

6.1.12. 促进、鼓励非法活动,或为其提供便利;

Promote, facilitate, or encourage illegal activity;

6.1.13. 无论是有意或无意地干扰其他用户服务的可用性,包括但不限于进行文档所禁止的使用操作;

Intentionally or unintentionally interfere with the availability of the service for other users, including, but not limited to, engaging in usage practices prohibited by the Documentation;

6.1.14. 误导投票或人口普查过程;

Mislead people about voting processes or census processes;

6.1.15. 参与非法的P2P文件共享行为;

Engage in activity in connection with illegal peer-to-peer file sharing;

6.1.16. 参与或推动赌博,或经营赌博业务;

Engage in or promote gambling, or run a gambling operation;

6.1.17. 参与挖矿(包括但不限于比特币或其他加密货币);

"Mine" bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies;

6.1.18. 销售、转售或出口非法或处方药品、其他受控物品或用具;

Sell, distribute, or export illegal or prescription drugs or other controlled substances or paraphernalia;

6.1.19. 运营能向最终用户或第三方互联网主机发送请求的开放代理或其他形式的互联网代理服务;

Operate an "open proxy" or any other form of Internet proxy service that is capable of forwarding requests to any end user or third-party-supplied Internet host;

6.1.20. 未经阿里云事先书面同意而进行大量负载或安全测试;

Perform significant load or security testing without first obtaining Alibaba Cloud’s written consent;

6.1.21. 移除SFDC中国产品所包含的任何版权、商标信息或其他专有权利通知,格式化或重建SFDC中国产品管理展示页面中的任何内容;

Remove any copyright, trademark, or other proprietary rights notices contained in or on SFDC China Products or reformat or frame any portion of the web pages that are part of SFDC China Products' administration display;

6.1.22. 通过未采取商业上合理措施来通过特定用户代理字符串来识别并说明目的且未遵守网络爬虫排除标准或robots协议(包括未遵守爬取延迟指令)的网络客户端,以网络抓取、爬虫、监控或类似方式访问第三方网络;

Access a third-party web property for the purposes of web scraping, web crawling, web monitoring, or other similar activity through a web client that does not take commercially reasonable efforts to identify itself via a unique User Agent string describing the purpose of the web client and obey the robots exclusion standard (also known as the robots.txt standard), including the crawl-delay directive;

6.1.23. 以任何可能损害或贬低阿里云或Salesforce的方式使用SFDC中国产品;

Use SFDC China Products in any manner that would disparage Alibaba Cloud or Salesforce;

6.1.24. 直接或间接运营私人的盈利性监狱设施或拘留中心,指因被法院判处的惩罚性刑罚而监禁或因候审、听证或其他司法、行政程序而以非自愿方式限制人员的私人场所;

Directly manage, as the primary operator, private, for-profit prison facilities or detention centers. For-profit prisons and detention centers refer to privately owned facilities in which persons are incarcerated or otherwise involuntarily confined for purposes of execution of a punitive sentence imposed by a court or detention pending a trial, hearing, or other judicial or administrative proceeding;

6.1.25. 参与可能导致人员死亡、严重人身伤害、财产重大损失的高风险活动。

Engage in high risk activity where the use or failure of a service may result in the death or serious bodily harm of a person, or in significant damage to property.

6.2. 在全球范围内,不得使用SFDC中国产品进行针对枪支和/或相关配件的商业宣传或销售活动。

Worldwide, customers may not use SFDC China Products to commercially advertise or sell any firearms and/or related accessories.

  1. 知识产权与保护Intellectual Property Rights and Protection

7.1. 任何使用SFDC中国产品的参与承载、营销、发送电子信息,或创建和承载与之相关的网站的客户均应:

To the extent a customer uses SFDC China Products for hosting, advertising, sending electronic messages, or for the creation and hosting of, or for posting material on, websites, each customer must:

7.1.1. 遵守基于可适用的知识产权法律法规所收到的通知;

Comply with any notices received under any applicable intellectual property law and regulation;

7.1.2. 建立能够迅速响应根据可适用的知识产权法律法规所收到的侵权指控通知并实施可适用的重复侵权政策;

Set up a process to expeditiously respond to notices of alleged infringement that comply with any applicable intellectual property law and regulation and to implement a applicable compliant repeat infringers policy;

7.1.3. 在其使用SFDC中国产品实例上公开展示基于可适用的知识产权法律法规制定的通知和下架流程的要求;且

Publicly display a description of its notice and takedown process under any applicable intellectual property law and regulation on its instance of SFDC China Products; and

7.1.4. 遵守此类流程、政策及相关要求。

Comply with such processes, policy(ies), and description.

7.2. 根据可适用法律法规迅速响应有效的版权侵权通知是阿里云一贯的政策。在适当的情况下,阿里云将终止阿里云怀疑持续或公然侵犯版权的账户。

It is Alibaba Cloud’s policy to respond expeditiously to valid notices of claimed copyright infringement compliant with any applicable law or regulation. In appropriate circumstances, Alibaba Cloud will terminate the accounts of customers who Alibaba Cloud suspects to be repeatedly or blatantly infringing copyrights.

7.3. 如果阿里云收到通知,声称客户在SFDC中国产品上的内容侵犯了其他方的知识产权,阿里云可能会禁用该客户的使用或删除涉嫌侵权的材料。如果阿里云针对同一客户受到多次类似通知,阿里云保留立即终止该客户订阅SFDC中国产品的权利,以确保阿里云受可适用法律法规的保护,并防止违反可适用法律法规或侵害第三方权利。

If Alibaba Cloud receives a notice alleging that material on a customer's instance of SFDC China Products infringes another party's intellectual property, Alibaba Cloud may disable that customer's instance of customer's instance of SFDC China Products or remove the allegedly infringing material. If Alibaba Cloud receives more than one such notice for the same customer, Alibaba Cloud reserves the right to immediately terminate such customer's subscriptions to SFDC China Products as deemed necessary by Alibaba Cloud to ensure continued protection under the safe harbor provisions under any applicable law or regulation or to prevent violations of other applicable laws and regulations or third parties' rights.